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Version 3.7

A. Enhancements

I. Akram messenger module


1. The Akram messenger app has now search functionality. You can search from all messages. Example: "Pratistha"


2. Roaming mode to receive local messages when you are out of town. Go to 'Menu > Roaming City'. Say you are visiting adalaj from pune. So set adalaj as roaming city and hence you will get updates related to adalaj.


3. When you share message it will go with footer "Sent via Akonnect Dadabhagwan.org"


4. User will now onwards be prompted automatically to upgrade whenever newer version is available.



II. Event Registration module


5. The Event Registration module is now multi-lingual. You can choose from 5 languages [Gujarati, German, Portuguese, Hindi, and English] and the module labels changes on fly.


6. Non-I card registration form: For birth date now only year is required.



B. Bug Fixes


  • Non-icard registration form : Number keyboard is enabled in mobile field
  • Non-icard registration form : Details page is made now compulsory
  • Non icard member detail page : Birth year is correctly shown instead of 1970
  • Event coordinator cash detail report now works from app
  • For user who is not a coordinator, all member status link shows correct data now Android
  • Notification icon: Logo is now more visible i.e. black icon with white background iOS
  • Event Registration module: iOS disable left swipe on screen
  • In AkramMessenger : On play of any video, app was crashing
  • Paralle video mess up : When they are downloaded parallelly content of only second video got played in both the selected videos

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